Social Tournament

Our next event in our Social Tennis Calendar at Portcullis is another opportunity to compete for the most fought over trophy at the club, The Social Trophy! 

Portcullis' very own Wimbledon will be run on Thursday 8th July starting promptly at 7pm playing through until 9pm.

Please register with Sue Evans and Will Lloyd when you arrive at Portcullis and they will direct you to your court.

Each match will be played for a duration of 20 minutes. Deuces will be played on a sudden death basis. On completion of each match Winners will move up a court and split, while losers remain on the court and split. One of the winners will report the match score to Sue and Will where they will add up each individual's game score. The winner of the sensational Portcullis Social Trophy will be the person who has won the most games by the end of the night.

Extra points will be awarded to your end game score if you decide to arrive in Wimbledon themed attire, be it modern or as of old, so let's get our tennis white kits on!

Good luck!

The Portcullis Social Team.