Charitable Lottery

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Please help Portcullis Tennis Club by supporting South Oxfordshire District Council’s new Charity Lottery.

You may well have seen in the local media that SODC has just started a new lottery where 50% of the receipts go directly to a “good cause”. That is probably not unusual. What is unusual, and makes the initiative so valuable to us, is that the player (you) can nominate the good cause that you wish your money to go to.  Wallingford Sports Trust CIO, a registered charity which runs the Sports Park, has been registered as a “good cause” and all the constituent clubs, including Tennis, will be urging you to contribute to the financial success of your club by signing up to play in this lottery and naming Wallingford Sports Trust CIO as your good cause.

Most players will sign up for one or two £1 tickets per week by standing order.  

Can it make a difference?  You bet it can!  Just do the maths.  The Sports Park has a playing membership of around 1600 including juniors.  If every member signed up for a £1 ticket per week, that would give the Sports Park 50p x 1600 x 52 = £41,600 per year.  If only one in ten signed up, that would still make a massive difference to the Trust’s finances and indirectly benefit all players of all clubs at the Sports Park. Most juniors won’t be able to play directly, but they can ask a parent, grandparent or favourite aunt or uncle to play on their behalf.

Please go to SODC’s new charity website, for more details and to sign on.  The lottery has a helpdesk for queries.  If you’d prefer to make your query via Portcullis, please pass it directly to Roger Haycock, the Sports Trust Secretary and Portcullis’s trustee, at [email protected] or by phone to Roger on 01235 812202.

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