Clubhouse Developments

The Clubhouse project consists of three elements, aimed at improving the viewing and access as well as a larger clubhouse to replace the flood damaged existing one.

The first of these is the revised fencing to improve viewing of courts 1-3.  This was completed with a £1000 grant from Tesco which covered approximately 1/3rd of the cost.

The other elements, tarmac car park access, revised path and clubhouse access and the clubhouse itself has gained planning permission, but we need to gain a grant for approximately 1/3 of those costs.  We plan to apply to SODC in April as part of a multi sport package of projects, and also will explore the LTA Growing the Game fund.

Once funding has been secured, and permission from our Landlord has been obtained we can immediately instruct contractors.

We are hopeful that we can complete this project before then end of 2018.