Wimbledon Ballot

One of the most popular benefits of your membership to Priors Tennis is the opportunity to be entered into the annual ballot for Wimbledon tickets.

Every year the Club is allocated Wimbledon tickets to offer to its members for purchase at face value* prices.

The number of tickets we are allocated depends on how many members opt in - last year around 18 of our members opted in, and we were given 5 pairs of tickets to offer.

In order to be entered into the club's draw you must be (as stipulated by the LTA):

  • A member of the LTA's BTM Scheme
  • Registered under the BTM with Priors Tennis Club
  • Opted-in to the Ballot
  • A fully paid up member of Priors Tennis Club for the season within which the Wimbledon tournament falls. People who's membership has lapsed cannot be considered
  • Over 11 years of age

To opt-in, just log-in to the LTA here https://www.lta.org.uk/member/login/ and follow the links on your welcome page to the ballot opt-in. 

If you don't yet have LTA log-in details (which you get with your BTM membership), sign up here first: https://www.lta.org.uk/member/ (pick the LITE option - it's free, but you still get to opt-in to the Ballot).

When we are told what tickets we've been allocated, we will run a draw amongst all those members who opted-in.  There's no obligation though - if you win the right to buy some tickets and you change your mind, we'll put them back in the draw to be won by another lucky member instead.

Even if you don't fancy Wimbledon yourself, please opt-in to give your fellow Club members more tickets to win - and don't forget to opt-in all your family members over the age of 11 for more tickets to be allocated to us - they'll just need a Junior Lite membership first, which is also free.