The accounts for the tennis club for 2018.

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15:06  21-03-19

Dear All

See attached the accounts for the tennis club for 2018.

Mike J – can you please make these available so that they can be questioned/approved at the AGM (I won’t be printing out any copies).


From Secretary:

Click here: 2018 Accounts

Or use this link in a web browser to see Accounts 2018:


In the year we were fortunate enough, again, to make a surplus sufficient to allow us to contribute the £10,800 into our “sinking fund” against future court/facility refurbishment costs.

The sinking fund now comprises just over £30k of the approximately £50k net liquid assets we hold.

Under the current arrangement with the Rugby Club we ended the year with them owing us £2,500 of the capital contribution agreed, which is being paid off monthly via standing order of £250.

Having previously contributed £875 in advance, they ended the year owing us £1,339 in electricity, which was recovered after the year end.

We are outside of a fixed contract term, as far as I’m aware, with Opus Energy, the electricity provider, however the rate per kwh we are paying is relatively competitive at 14.5p compared to our previous fixed rate of 12.8p which we enjoyed from 2014.

Look forward to seeing you later.

All the best