Buddy Hitting / Tennis Leaders

1st June 2016

Rugby LTC has increased the number of Tennis Leaders within the club and these are very useful contacts for setting up "buddy hitting" sessions with.

  • For the Tennis Leader it's an opportunity to progress their coaching skills and earn some pocket money (recommended £5.00 per hour)
  • For the player and parent it's guaranteed quality hitting at almost a quarter of the price you might pay for a coach.  It also builds the hours on court required for long-term player development
  • For the coach, it bolstersour players program and frees up more time for the coaches to work on the individual stroke development

Below is a list of Buddy Hitters and a brief description of how they play, please contact the Tennis Manager or one of the coaches to arrange a session.

  • Ben Stuchbury - very strong all round player
  • Lucy Eaton - strong lefty player
  • Minnie Sprayson - good all court player
  • Thomas Barnes - very strong all round player
  • Liam Green - good all court player
  • Sam Barnes - lefty, uses all round spin and power
  • Harry Brignal - good all court player
  • Daniel Hobson - uses a lot of slice
  • Amy Barnes - strong baseliner and great retriever
  • Estella Haynes - strong hitter from all areas
  • Peter Strange - strong baseliner with power and spin
  • Daniel Heathcote - Strong baseliner with power and spin

Hope you agree that these Tennis Leaders are a great addition to the coaching team at Rugby LTC and that you take the opportunity to further your tennis development by setting up your first session.