Ladder League

These are on-going ladder leagues with the emphasis on fun. Naturally, the better players will gravitate to the top of the league, allowing you to choose a suitably matched opponent. There are no age limits to join the league and play but any juniors wanting to play must be able to play on a full court with yellow tennis balls. Because of having to set out junior courts, it is not currently feasible to run a junior league.

A match will be best of three sets, with a third set tie-break. If you don't want to play a full match - no problem, remember, it's for fun. 

** IMPORTANT - please use only your own tennis balls when serving and kick or flick your opponents tennis balls back to minimise cross-contamination. **

Joining the league and playing is free for members. Please register using the links below and get playing!

Men's singles lockdown ladder league
Ladies singles  lockdown ladder league
Men's doubles lockdown ladder league
Ladies doubles lockdown ladder league
Mixed doubles lockdowb ladder league

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]