Private Lessons

Whilst we cannot enjoy group coaching, it is safe to engage in individual coaching with a coach and yourself. To support this, all Sandal Tennis Club tennis coaches are offering a free individual lesson to all players as well as discounted block bookings. 

If you or your child has never had an individual lesson before, they are incredibly flexible and will allow you to work upon fitness, technique, tactics, gameplay or whatever you wish. We recommend that you choose the coach that you play alongside in group sessions. Take a look at the offers available at the bottom of this page! 

Social Distancing Requirements:

- Only the coach should took the tennis balls. If you accidentally touch a ball, please inform the coach immediately so that he can remove it and treat it with Dettol spray, which kills the virus.

- Stay at least 2 metres apart from others (including the coach) at all times.

- Pay for lessons via bank transfer (not cash or cheque) to reduce contact.

- If you are waiting for your lesson, please wait on the court next to the coach's court, not by the entrance.

- Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds at home before and after attending your lesson.

- Preferably, also sanitise your hands when you reach and leave the tennis club.

- Avoid touching your face whilst playing.

- Catch a cough/sneeze with a tissue/your sleeve. Throw the tissue away immediately. 

- Do not touch anything that isn't yours, such as the gate (which will already be open), the clubhouse door, the net or the balls. 


Coaching Offers - Free Individual Taster Lesson for All:

Danny Burrell - Level 3 Head Coach - / 07811 288046

- 6 hour's worth of lessons for £132

- 12 hour's worth of lessons for £240

Nigel Glover - Level 3 Lead Coach - / 07469 193266

- 6 hour's worth of lessons for £108

- 12 hour's worth of lessons for £216

Euan Barrett - Level 3 Lead Coach - / 07434 828428

- 6 hour's worth of lessons for £108

- 12 hour's worth of lessons for £216