Next Events


20th February Grade 7 (internal) 9U (for children born in 2012 or 2013) Matchplay Palewell Common 12.30pm start. Finish around 4pm.  Cost £18

27th February Grade 7 (internal) 10U (for children born in 2011 or 2012) Matchplay Cambridge Gardens 12.30pm start. Finish around 4pm.  Cost £18


(If you have problems entering via the links please email [email protected]).  Please note that for all competitions players need to stay for the whole event and occasionally the events will run over time.  We recommend setting aside lots of time to attend and also for parents to bring warm clothing and waterproof and coats for children to wear in between matches. 


  • Please note that all our matchplays are run either as Round Robin or Compass Draws with medals and small prizes for the winners and runners up.  They are not just "ratings matches" although at the end of a draw, some ratings matches may be offered if time permits.
  • Please note that players and their parent or guardian are expected to stay for the whole event.  Sometimes our events may overrun.  We reccomend bringing warm clothes and waterproof layers for both players and spectators.
  • Our internal matchplays are designed as entry level competitions.  They are an opportunity for children to learn the skills of competing such as scoring, dealing with disputes, confidence on court etc. Our emphasis in all competitions is fun and we ask parents to encourage their children in the development of these skills. Serving, scoring, walking out onto court playing someone you may not know are all difficult skills.  You may notice your child does not perform in the way you want them or expect them to.  If we all encourage, rather than criticise these skills will be improved quickly and then children have these skills for life. 
  • Please take a moment to read the LTA Fair Play information