Coach JP tells us about his experiences during lockdown

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At the beginning of March I had been selected to referee or court supervise 28 events with Sheen Parks Tennis, the NTC, Middlesex LTA and Sutton Sports Village. I completed 2 before the lock down! I then became a 'bluebell gardener' for about a week and still have 8 or 9 bags of debris that I can't take to the dump, but the garden is now looking nice. Thanks to the officiating department at the LTA I have been on several webinar courses and discussion sessions, helping to keep focused for when we return to competitive tennis. It is fortunate that the weather has been, generally, so nice and I have been able to walk quite long distances every couple of days giving my ankles time to recover in between. It also been good for me to get out of the house so that I don't keep getting under Heathers feet. I realise that I can be a bit annoying at times. I have been through a lot of old pictures that I inherited from my Dad. He was a professional sports photographer in his younger days and a pretty good amateur as he got older. There were thousands to sort through and at last I am down to a couple of hundred, quite a few of them are from my younger coaching days with some great players and celebraties included. I have taken the time out to contact old friends and it has been great reminiscing with them. I caught up with Christabel who I used to play tennis with at Queens Club. We held the record for the longest baseline rally amongst our friends. It was over 1300. The great thing was that we only needed one ball, but it was pretty bald by the time we had finished. I'm looking forward to getting a few restrings in now as I can't see when tournaments will restart  and sports injury and lifestyle massage are a not looking good for the near future. Good luck to all with the gentle reintroduction of our game.


If you would like to speak to JP about a re-string of a racket, please contact him at [email protected]