Cambridge Gardens Stringing Service

Professional Stringing Service

  • Over time, your racket’s performance will gradually drop - the strings lose tension or break and grips and bumper strips will wear out, and so, to keep your racket playing at its very best it is important to have it regularly maintained.
  • Sheen Parks Tennis offer a professional and reliable racket service (for all racket types) and we can arrange to have any work undertaken by our experienced stringer.
  • Below is a price list for a number of popular strings, and their features, although our stringer can access almost any string on request.
  • Our coaches and stringer can advise on best string and tension if needed.
  Performance Strings  
Babolat RPM Blast Performance string with durability - good for spin £27.00
Wilson NXT 16 Comfort, power, touch and feel - increased sweet spot £27.00
Big Banger Original Control and durability - good for big hitters / string breakers £25.00
  Power, Comfort and Durability  


Prince Topspin Durability and control - string texture provides extra spin £24.00
Prince Synthetic Gut Most popular string and versatile - great all round string £23.00
Toalson Nylon Good all-round performance - durable, economical £20.00


  Hybrid (combination of firm main strings and softer cross strings)    
Prince Pro-blend Durability, performance and control - for big hitters   £28.00
Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour & Xcel16 Comfort, power and spin.   £26.00


  • BYOS (bring your own string): If you prefer to provide your own string, we can string for £13.00
  • Bumpers strip replacement - £7.50 ||  Grips - Pricing available on request.
  • A fast turnaround can usually be arranged (subject to string availability and if bumper required)

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