Looking for more playing opportunities?

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If you would like to be included on a contacts list of STC members looking to expand their playing opportunities, please contact the Membership Secretary stating:

1. Your name
2. Which days and times of the week you are typically available to play
3. Whether you are after singles or doubles games

Your details will then be added to a list which will be stored on the STC website and made accessible to members who have opted in to this scheme.

Opted in members will be sent a private weblink to access the list which will be updated on a regular basis.

Participating will enable you to connect with other members who are typically available to play tennis at similar times to yourself, help you meet other members and expand your circle of playing partners.

Opted in members can then make direct contact with others on the list to arrange games directly.

With no organised Club Social play for the foreseeable, the Committee hope this scheme will aid members to find more playing opportunities.