Committee Meetings

The tennis committee meets approximately four times a year and the most recent minutes can be viewed on this page.

Minutes  from the most recent Annual General Meeting can be viewed here.

Southwell Tennis Club Committee – Minutes

26th July 2022

Attendees:  Paul Caygill, Liz Cutts, Barbara Thorne, Jane Orme, Shelagh Mitchell, Martin Done, Rebecca Smith

1. Apologies:  Marion Wraith, Jason Kilkie

2. Minutes of previous meeting 11th April 2022 – approved.

3. Matters Arising from meeting on 11th April 2022

a) The Competition Boards in the club house require updating and efforts will be made this year to hold competitions to provide new champions.  Barbara to find out about updating the Boards (Liz to assist if required).

b) A meeting is to be arranged with On Th Ball coaching to review the contract and their plans for the future.  Action: Committee members to search through their records to find the contract (18/05/2010).  Meeting likely to be 1pm on a Tuesday with Jane, Rebecca, and Barbara.  

c) Blackout blinds for the clubhouse window onto the court.  Action: Barbara to get some prices.

4. Chairperson’s Report 

There is no specific report however a number of matters have arisen since the last meeting, and these are covered in the New Business section below.

5. Membership Secretary's Report

Shelagh has kept the committee updated from time to time via email with updates on membership.  There are currently 164 members, up on pre-Covid levels but down a little on the levels seen through covid which is perhaps to be expected.  

6. Treasurer’s Report

Approximately £8k in subs has come in.  There is no significant expenditure planned except for guttering and floodlight repair.  Online banking is now working; Liz will now seek to get access for Shelagh (assists with visibility of membership payments).

A proposal to transfer money from the current account to deposit account was approved.

For bills under £100 and any regular small bills – Liz will just pay.  For any other bills, Liz will seek approval from the committee.  

Investigate how we can set up direct debit payments by members for annual subs rather than using Go Cardless (saves on fees).  Action: Liz

7. Coaching and Junior’s Report

No report was available

8. Social Report

a) Jane to arrange a club supported social gathering, probably early October at The Whistle.  Action: Jane

b) A one-off social (memorial) event to be organised in September, probably a Saturday afternoon.  Assistance from Jason may be required.   Action: Rebecca

9. New Business

a) Club Secretary vacancy:  an email was circulated a few months ago with one member expressing initial interest which was subsequently withdrawn due to work commitments.  Put up a notice in the clubhouse with applicants to contact Paul.  Acton: Barbara

b) Cleaner for the clubhouse: There is currently a vacancy.  Helen has said she’d do it but is busy at the moment.  For members who are currently volunteering to clean the clubhouse, ask if they would like to be paid.  Action: Barbara

c) Court lighting repairs:  Booked in for September

d) Tennis club domain and email:  Discuss transfer from Steve Webb to Paul.  Action: Paul

e) Risk assessment:  There should be some quick wins we can do to improve compliance.  These will be allocated out to committee members.  Action: Paul

f) Youth tennis ideas:  To be reviewed at an ad hoc committee meeting on 2nd August.

g) Ukraine children’s session:  To be reviewed at an ad hoc committee meeting on 2nd August.

h) Nottinghamshire LTA visit:  Assistance has been offered by Natalie Manca Wilcox.  To be reviewed at an ad hoc committee meeting on 2nd August.

i) Safeguarding and Summer Information:  Barbara is booked onto a Level 2 LTA course.

j) Safeguarding survey for Children and Young People (from LTA) has been circulated to parents.

k) Grant Funding:  To be reviewed at an ad hoc committee meeting on 2nd August.

l) Future Ambition:  There was not sufficient time to discuss this item (although some ideas were raised including a covered veranda; extension of the clubhouse to both ends; improve clubhouse furnishings; permanent table tennis area; do social events offer the opportunity to put out the feelers).  To be reviewed at an ad hoc committee meeting on 2nd August.