Tennis Ball policy

Scope: This policy covers the purchase and use of tennis balls at Southwell Lawn Tennis Club.

Purpose: The intention is to deliver a fair and simple system that will allow the purchase of balls at the lowest price by taking advantage of bulk discounts. It is also intended to evenly spread any contributions across members for the purchase of balls for all official social sessions.

The policy, which replaces any previous ones covering the purchase and use of balls, is as follows:

  1. Members will be required to use their own balls for any play outside of designated social sessions.
  2. The official social tennis sessions are Monday morning (10am to 1pm), Monday evening (6pm to 8.30pm), Thursday evening (6pm - 9pm) and Friday morning (10am - 12 noon).
  3. Members taking regular part in any of the official social tennis sessions will not be asked to contribute to a ball fund as this will be funded from member subscriptions.
  4. The tennis club will purchase £300 worth of balls (approx 60 tubes) each year to cover the designated social tennis sessions and ensure that there are always balls of the sufficient standard. These will only be used when there are no balls of the necessary standard available.
  5. The distribution of balls will be managed by nominated members who will ensure that the older, worn- out balls are removed and replaced with the newer ones. Checks will be made on a weekly basis.
  6. All of the social session balls that are available for use will be placed in the tennis ball box in the club house. These should not be used outside of the social tennis session hours.
  7. Tennis balls used in matches will also be available for use in the social sessions after they have been used. These will supplement the social session balls.
  8. Players taking part in any unofficial social sessions will need to continue to organise the purchase of their own balls and manage their use independently of the club.
  9. The policy will be reviewed on an annual basis.
  10. Players are not allowed to take social club balls away from the club unless permitted by a member of the tennis club committee.

Updated: December 2021

Review date: December 2022