Committee Roles

The following Role Descriptions outline the key areas of responsibility for each role on the Committee.

Multiple Roles

It is acceptable for an individual Committee Member to fulfil two roles, although the following combinations are not acceptable:

  • Any of the 4 ex-oficio roles (Chairman, Vice Chairman, Club Secretary, Treasurer)
  • Treasurer and Membership Secretary (segregation of duties)
  • The Welfare Officer cannot be a member of the Coaching Staff

All Roles

All Committee members have the following responsibilities:

  • Read, understand and abide by all Club Rules, Regulations, Policies and Procedures
  • Deliver their role with diligence and enthusiasm..!
  • Act as an ambassador of the club
  • As far as possible, attend all committee meetings and the AGM


The following 4 roles are currently available for members to join the committee:

Club Captain

  • Lead the clubs competition agenda, working closely with the Match Secretary
  • Encourage all teams and players to abide by our Principles of Respect and Fair Play
  • Ensure that the Club is able to offer competitive tennis to all members who want to play
  • Establish the structure and number of senior teams representing the club
  • Appoint team captains, and ensure they understand their individual responsibilities
  • Establish and champion our approach to selecting teams on a fair, balanced and transparent basis
  • Work with captains to ensure that squads are balanced
  • Prepare and issue fixtures list to captains
  • Organise the annual club tournament

Match Secretary

  • Encourage all teams and players to abide by our Principles of Respect and Fair Play
  • Agree the leagues and events in which we compete, and build strong relationships with them
  • Represent STC at league AGMs
  • Mediate on league match disputes once team captains have resolved as far as practica

Maintenance and Projects Co-Ordinator

  • Establish and manage the maintenence and testing regime for the club facilities
  • Ensure that any statutory inspection requirements are identified, carried out and recorded
  • Work with the Chairman on liaison with the school over issues around facilities
  • Manage any maintenance projects, liaising with appropriate contractors to deliver works

Health & Safety and Facilities Co-Ordinator

  • Act as Health & Safety Co-ordinator for the Club
  • Conduct an annual risk assessment of the club (February)
  • Ensure the First Aid kit is stocked, sign-posted and accessible
  • Maintain the safe and secure operation of the courts, clubhouse and car parks
  • Manage the contract for the cleaning of the clubhouse (no cleaning required..!)



  • Lead the strategic direction of the club
  • Ensure that the club has appropriate Principles, Rules, Regulations and Policies in place
  • Ensure the management committee is properly staffed, organised and effective in its duties
  • Develop the roles of each committee member, and agree them with each individual
  • Act as the key spokesperson for the club on external matters, including liaison with SES
  • Develop and maintain good relationships with the community and neighbours
  • Support individual management committee members in the delivery of their responsibilities
  • Chair the management committee meetings and the AGM, ensuring they are effective meetings
  • Ensure that all members are kept informed and engaged on key issues relating to the club
  • Act as Data Protection Officer for the Club

Vice Chairman

  • Act in the capacity of Chairman in the event of the Chairman not being able to fulfil their role


  • Overall financial management of the club, covering planning, accounting, treasury and reporting
  • Manage the financial aspects of the club's 5 year development plan
  • Produce an annual cashflow projection (Jan) ahead of setting membership fees
  • Produce an annual budget (Mar) and monitor it throughout the year
  • Maintain up to date records of all financial transactions
  • Report regularly to the management committee on the financial status
  • Prepare year end statements of accounts, and ensure these are appropriately audited or reviewed
  • Present the end of year financial report to the AGM
  • Identify fund raising opportunities e.g. grants and sponsorships

Club Secretary

  • Be the first point of contact for all enquiries to the club, other than membership enquiries
  • Deal with correspondence, and maintain accurate records
  • Organise and minute the management committee meetings and AGM
  • Manage the club's registrations to the LTA, TennisMark scheme and local leagues
  • Maintain active links with the Lincolnshire County LTA team
  • Conduct an annual risk assessment of the club, together with the Health & Safety Co-ordinator

Membership Secretary

  • Maintain an accurate register of club members via the Clubspark system
  • Work with the Clubspark Administrator to manage the Clubspark membership module
  • Propose membership rates for approval by the management committee
  • Manage the annual renewal process
  • Deal with enquiries on membership matters by current and prospective members
  • To ensure that new members receive a welcome email when they join

Member Communications Officer

  • Design the overall strategy for membership communications
  • Develop and manage the STC website
  • Maintain the club calendar on the website
  • Develop and produce the monthly newsletter, Smash!
  • Run the bi-annual membership survey

Outreach Development Officer

  • Manage our media presence
  • Develop relationships with key community stakeholders
  • Manage our club brand
  • Establish sponsorship opportunities

Social Secretary

  • Create, communicate and deliver an agenda of social activities for all members of the club
  • Encourage members to support social activites, both attending and helping

Welfare Officer

  • Respond to any issues that arise for junior members and adults at risk in a confidential and sensitive manner
  • Contact the LTA Safeguarding Team if a serious safeguarding issue has occurred
  • Contact the Local Authority Children’s or Adult’s Social Care and the Police if appropriate
  • Record any concerns reported to you on the Reporting a Concern Form and send to the Safeguarding Team
  • Actively promote the safeguarding of all children, young people and adults at risk
  • Ensure all club members are aware of their duty of care towards children, young people and adults at risk
  • Support and assist your club to fulfil its safeguarding responsibilities when organising activities
  • Ensure relevant people attend the LTA Safeguarding training and LTA Equality training


Ball Co-ordinator

  • Agree on the selection of balls for the club
  • Buy all match balls
  • Replenish the ball locker and check the sign-out log
  • Recycle all balls on a regular basis to maximise income