Club Regulations

Last updated 15 Jan 2016


These Regulations govern the day-to-day operation of Stamford Tennis Club (the “Club”)

The Rules of Stamford Tennis Club allow the Management Committee (the “Committee”) to determine, implement and periodically update these Regulations.

The Regulations will be displayed on the Club website, with a summary posted on the Club noticeboard.

All non-trivial changes to these Regulations will be notified to members.

Policies and Procedures

In addition to the Regulations in this document, the Committee will determine a number of important Policies and Procedures (the “Policies”).

These Policies form part of the overall Regulations of the Club, which all members are required to read and comply with.

The detailed Policies will be displayed on the website, with edited summaries displayed on the Clubhouse noticeboard.

These Policies will include, but are not restricted to the following topics:

  • Safeguarding
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Risk Assessment
  • Health & Safety
  • Sun Safety
  • Privacy & Data Protection
  • Complaints

Safety & Security

The Committee takes reasonable steps to ensure that the Clubhouse, Car Park and Courts (the “Facilities”) are safe and secure.

Members play tennis at their own risk and are asked to apply common sense in looking out for themselves and other members at all times.

All vehicles must be driven at less than 5 miles an hour (walking pace) in the car park.

Members are encourged to reverse park in the car park to reduce the risk of an accident when reversing out.

Cars must not restrict access to the school playing field gates, which should be left clear for emergency access at all times.

The last person to leave the Courts should make sure that the gates are locked with the padlocks provided.

The last person to leave the Clubhouse should make sure that all heaters, taps, lights and floodlights are turned off, and the door securely locked.


The membership year runs from 1 March to the end of February.

Subscriptions shall be determined in January by the Committee, and notified to all members at the start of February.

Members joining or renewing in the month of February will enjoy Discounted Rates, after that point all current and new members will pay the Standard Rate.

Part year rates are available for new members joining after the end of August, as determined by the Committee.

All members are required to register through the Clubspark online system.

The available payment methods will be set by the Committee.  No cash will be accepted.

A member who has not rejoined by the 1st March is no longer a member until such point as they re-register and pay via Clubspark.

Partial refunds will only be given to members who choose to leave the club in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Committee.

Cases where members seek to change membership category in the year (e.g. from Couple to Family) will be treated on a case-by-case basis.

Right to Play

Members may play on the 7 hard courts (the “Courts”).

The astroturf courts are not Club courts, but Club members may use them for overflow tennis if the School is not using them.

Only current, registered and paid members are able to play on the Courts.

The only exceptions to this rule are:

  • Guests playing with a member of the Club, up to three times per year
  • Potential members in their first half term block of introductory coaching sessions
  • Competitors playing in LTA registered Grade 3-6 events
  • Competitors from other clubs playing in league matches against Stamford teams
  • Pupils of the Stamford Endowed Schools during curriculum sports lessons, after-school training or school matches.

Members are allowed to introduce guests to the Club to play as temporary members:

  • Guests must be playing with a member of the Club
  • Guests are required to observe all of the Rules of the Club
  • Guests must be signed into the book in the clubhouse before play
  • The host must pay £3 paid into the Honesty Box before play
  • It is the responsibility of the host member to comply with these Rules

Court Allocation and Booking

Bookings for the Courts will be made and recorded on the Clubspark booking system.

Allocations will be given the following priority order:

  • Club tournaments
  • Club matches
  • Club group coaching
  • Private members play

The detailed rules for court booking and allocation are documented on the website, and will be updated from time to time by the Committee.


No person may coach others for financial gain on any Court without the prior approval of the Committee.

Paid coaches must be LTA accredited and have been checked with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Use of the Facilities

All events at the Club, both tennis and social, must be approved by the Committee.

Smoking is not allowed on any part of the Facilities, including the Courts, clubhouse and car park.

Alcohol must not be sold on the premises, nor consumed at times other than those approved by the Committee.

Any playing of music should be at a controlled level that does not annoy other users of the club or our neighbours.

Live music is prohibited at all times.

We do not hold a TV Licence, so the streaming of live TV on any device, including mobile devices, is not permitted at the Club.

Court Rules

Players should comply with the principles of Respect and Fair Play, both on and off the Courts.

Members, including juniors, should wear appropriate sports clothing and footwear when on court.

Children are not allowed on the Courts unless they are playing tennis.

Take off the court everything you take on – including all balls, ball cans, ring-pulls, banana skins and general litter.

Balls will be provided for Club sessions, team practices, tournaments and matches, and must be returned to the clubhouse.

Members should provide their own tennis balls for private games, although they may use the used balls in the clubhouse.

Floodlights on the top 4 courts are available for use by members at no additional charge.

Floodlights on the lower 3 courts are available for use by team captains only.

Member must ensure they are familiar with the operation of the floodlights before use, and ensure they are turned off after play.