Club Rules

Rules of Stamford Tennis Club

Effective from May 2000, amended Nov 2002, Nov 2004 and Oct 2016.


The “Club” is Stamford Tennis Club

The “Committee” is the Management Committee, appointed to manage the club.

The “Members” are the members of the Club

The “AGM” is the Annual General Meeting of the Club

Constitution, Rules and Regulations

The Club, established in 2000, is called Stamford Tennis Club.

The objects of the Club are principally the provision of tennis, social and other facilities for its members.

The Club shall affiliate to the Lincolnshire LTA and thereby to the LTA.

The Club is a non-profit-making organisation. All surpluses will be used to maintain or improve the Club’s facilities and in furtherance of the Club’s objects. No surpluses or assets will be distributed other than to another community amateur sports club for lawn tennis, to the LTA for the use in community related lawn tennis initiatives, or to a registered charitable organisation on dissolution of the Club.

The Club shall be dissolved on the passing of a resolution to that effect at a General Meeting after due notice by mail to all Members, by at least two-thirds of those present and voting. Such a meeting shall appoint a committee to wind up the affairs of the Club and shall give general directions as to the disposal of any assets.

These Rules cover the formal aspects of the Club’s activities. The Rules can only be altered at a General Meeting, provided that two thirds of those present vote in favour.

Regulations govern the day-to-day running of the Club and are determined and periodically revised by the Committee.

The Rules and Regulations will be posted on the Club website.

The Club’s financial year shall run from 1st October to 30th September


Classes of membership and subscription rates, enrolment fees and development levies shall be determined by the Committee.

Full Members. All adults aged 18 and over can become full members. No person shall be denied membership of the Club on the grounds of race, ethnicity, colour, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, occupation, religion, political or other beliefs.

Junior Members. Persons below the age of 18 may join as Junior Members, without the right to hold office or to vote at General Meetings.

Visitors. These are non-members who come to the Club to play competitive tennis, for example in local league matches or in LTA or other competitions organised by the Club.  Where applicable, Visitors must pay the appropriate entry fees as determined by the tournament organiser.

Guests. These are non-members who accompany a Member to play social tennis, within limits set down in the Regulations. Before a Guest plays, the Member must record the Guest in the club diary, and make the appropriate payment.

Lifetime Members. The award of lifetime memberships shall be strictly limited and granted at the discretion of the Committee for special services to the Club.

Members wishing to withdraw from membership or transfer to a different subscription rate shall notify the Membership Secretary. Partial refunds of annual subscriptions will only be made under exceptional circumstances, and are at the discretion of the Committee.

The Committee shall have the power to terminate or suspend the membership of any Member or to exclude any Member or Visitor whom it considers guilty of a breach of these Rules or of Regulations made by the Committee, or of misconduct or offensive behaviour to any other Member, Visitor or Employee, whether on the Club’s premises or elsewhere.

Members, Visitors or Guests leaving unattended vehicles, rackets, clothing or other property at the Club do so at their own risk and the Club shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury resulting from this or any other cause.


The management of the Club shall be in the entire control of a Management Committee (The Committee), consisting of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Club Secretary and Treasurer (the ex-officio members) and up to 8 further Officers.

The four ex-officio members are responsible for defining the number and roles of the additional officers of the committee.

All members of the committee shall be elected for one year at the Annual General Meeting of the club.

The Committee shall determine the roles and responsibilities of all Committee Members, and publish these on the Club website.

During the year, the Committee can fill any vacancy arising on the committee, pending formal election at the following AGM.

The Committee shall from time to time make and revise Club Regulations and shall have power to decide any matter unprovided for by the Rules and Regulations.

The Committee shall meet at least four times in each year. The quorum shall be four Committee Members.

All Committee Members will have an equal vote on those matters requiring a formal decision. In the event of a tied vote, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

The Committee may delegate any part of its duties to a Club Officer or a sub-committee of Members.

Trustees. The Committee is empowered to appoint Trustees of the Club to represent the Club in dealings with the Governors of the Stamford Endowed Schools. The Trustees shall be indemnified from personal liability in any agreements they make with the Governors on behalf of the Club. The appointments shall be approved at a committee meeting and confirmed in the minutes. The Trustees shall keep the Committee informed of all dealings with the Governors. Substantive agreements with the Governors shall be approved by the Committee before coming into force.

General Meetings

An AGM shall be held each year between 15th October and 30th November.

Any Member wishing to propose a resolution at the AGM must send it to the Club Secretary by 1st October so that it can be included on the Agenda.

The Club Secretary will inform all Members of the AGM at least ten days in advance of the meeting by email, together with a copy of the Agenda.

The business of the AGM shall be:

  • confirmation of the minutes of the previous AGM and any subsequent EGM
  • consideration of the Committee’s report
  • consideration of the Treasurer’s Accounts and report for the year
  • the appointment of an auditor for the Clubs Accounts
  • the election of the officers of the Club for the following year
  • any items of which notice has been given and details included in the Agenda
  • further business may be accepted at the discretion of the Chairman provided that it does not call for an alteration of the Rules, the winding up of the Club, the transfer of any of the Club’s assets, the borrowing of money, or any expenditure not within the immediate financial resources of the Club.

All Full and Junior Members are entitled to be present and to speak at any General Meeting. Only Members aged 18 years or over are entitled to vote. In the event of an equality of votes, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.  For the avoidance of doubt, Visitors and Guests are not entitled to vote at a General Meeting.

At any General Meeting the quorum shall be 8 adult Members.

The Committee shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting at its own discretion or within one month of the receipt by the Club Secretary of a requisition signed by twenty Members, stating the reason for the requisition.