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TESTOMONIAL FROM JEREMY GREEN (Former Trainer to Andy Murray, Alex Zverev & Dominic Thiem)

Prestbury tennis club has always been a special place for me. At 14 years old I was very lucky when I moved to the area and found a club that was progressive and welcoming and soon I was playing in junior and adult leagues at a high level. I believe under Star Tennis Coaching this high level continues to this day.
Prestbury has always had good juniors some played national level and one or two even competed on the professional tour. This was possible because of the standards at the club and the prioritisation of junior tennis. It was always a club that wanted young players to flourish and improve and to be the best player they could possibly be.
This type of environment is invaluable and I’m sure is a major part of why I’m working in elite professional tennis today.


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