Junior 11-18 yrs



We have a busy coaching program for all levels of players from lessons for complete beginners to training session for County Players preparing for competitions.  Academy sessions focus on improving tactical, technical, mental & physical aspects of the game

Beginner - Learning the basics of the game. Competing in grade 7 team challenge

Improver - Learning the basics of tactics and next level technique. Competing in grade 6 matchplay

Intermediate (Team B)- Regularly competing sociall and potential team players. Competing in grade 6 or 5 comps

Advanced (Team A)- Deevlopening a distinct game style. Competing on the Cheshire, Regional or National Tour. 

Cardio Tennis - Fun & Energetic Session with music aimed to burn 600 calories whilst playing tennis

Strength & Conditioning (S&C) - Physical training preparing athletes with strength, suppleness, speed, stamina