Fitness a integral part of life and for tennis and with the correct programing and exercises is fun and rewarding. Fitness can be made complicated than it needs to be at times. With sports sceince though athletes take more time our to prepare their bodies for matches and to last longer in the game. To ke elments with our training focus on both or one of the Key areas...

Fitness for Tennis

PLayers need to preapre their bodies for competition and injury free. Strength & Conditionin sessions can help players with prehabilitation and rehabilitation for gerenal play and compsetition. Elite level players will need a programme to help them peak for major competitions managing training loads and getting them into the best shape possible to meet the demands of tennis.

Fitness for Health 

Feeling fit can help you mood and happiness and just being content with your body. Functional fitness i simportant to do everyday tasks like picking up  a bag, walking up the stairs which we take for granted until we have a injury. Pushing yourself and improving your fitness will motivate you and the gains and goals will be reached. The 'beach' body should not be a driver but feeling you are using your to its best.

Longevity in the Game

Tennis is a game for life unlike some sports that have a short shelf life. Research has proven tennis to be the best sport to live long. Pilates & yoga sessions can compliment tennis life and help with players with strength, flexibility and mindfulness.