Return To Tennis - Prepare ready mentally and physically

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So 4 weeks to get in shape for a Return to tennis!

So get in shape and build your mental skills and physical skills ...

Mental Skills

-Set a vision and with goals - where do you want to be in 4 weeks physically and mentally.  

- Set a trainig routine . how many times a week, want you want to imporve e.g. speed , build strength for a dodgy knee etc.

- Try visualisation and imagery. Imagine where you want to be in terms of your mood and physical shape. 

- control your mood, we all go up and down . Write down when you are high and why , then when low write down why. Try and figure out what was the trigger to a low and then avoid it or just try to accept and move on.

-Talk Tennis . Phone a training partner / team mate , coach and problem solve, plan and have a laugh.

Build your strength 

Build whole body strength including your legs, core and upper body strength with circuits. Here is a Sampe Circuit with 30 seconds on / 30s seconds off then repeat...

  • Squats and side steps. Mimick moving loading for shots by squatting then side step 2metres then squat and then side step back to the start . 

  • Single leg squats. Great for balance and strength. Lower yourself on 1 leg with hands infront like a ready position.

  • Russian Twists - sit on the floor and touch floore on the left the twist and touch on the right

  • Incline press ups - these require less pressur on the wrist and shoulders. using a wall or table top press up in with your body at 45 degrees to the floor

  • Row pulls - Using a chair or weight pull the weight up to the chest the straighten the arms. Start in a quarter squat the lean forwards to 45 degrees.

Building your speed endurance & agility 

Players run for 1-2km for a 3 set match and run around 10m on average per point for singles. Tennis requires intermittent sprints and energy bursts with jumps and creating racket head speed. Tennis requires short bursts of movements whether chasing down a lob, a wide ball or picking up a drop shot.

  • 400m Sprints - Great if you want to improve your threshold to lactic acid and can improve your intake of oxygen helping you last longer in training and matches.

  • Interval sprints from one lampost another then rest and repeat . Mimicking the tiem length of short rallies 

  • Straight Sprints - Timed yourself over 5m, 10m, 15m and 20m as a trainig partner sprints. Players may not run 20metres but it can hepl the body develop power 

  • Shuttle Runs - mark 2 spots down 10m apart then run in between the 2 cones for 30seconds. Try 3 to 6 times

  • Zig Zag runs - run diagonally forwads left to right for 10 to 20m's.

  • Figure of 8's - 2 cones 1m apart- move around them with small qucik steps to mimmick a rally


4 week Sample training plan

Mon - Stamina (medium intensity RPE 6-8)

Tues - Strength  (high intensity RPE 8-10)

Wed - Suppleness (20 minute yoga ) RPE 5)

Thur - Speed circuit ( medium intensity RPE - 

Thur - Suppleness

Fri - rest 

Sat - Stamina . Run / Cycle / Walk with a mate

Sun - Active Rest & suppleness

Each week monitor your effort levels out of 10.