Games Set Yoga

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Yoga has become popular over the last decades within the sorting world after such athletes as Ryan Giggs, Djockovic  and Serena WIlliams class themselves as yogi's. For myself my jounrey started in Manchster with a spots yoga session in Didsbury as a freind mentioned the session.

On my first session I was plecently suprised there was a mix of athletes from rugby players to netballers. I found the session medium intensity compared to my normal workouts but felt a lot more relaxed and energised after and for the next few days,  espicially for match day. 

I have continued continued since mianly at pure yoga in macclesfield and have now understood the mental or mindfulness of yoga.  The best example for me is when I was playing a tournament in whcich I know my mind can wonder in easy matches and I get too uptight in big matches. With  breathing control in between points and when hitting shots I was more realxed and in tune or as americans say 'in the zone'

Recently Jeremy Green,  Andy Murray's former trainer gave a presentation to our Club on tales of the tour. ONce of the questions he was asked 'how shoudl club players prepare for a return after lockdown, answer ' yoga'. We did not get in to depth of the science but I have looked into the benefits which include....


- Awareness of emotions and controlling them when under pressure

- controlled breathing (pranyama) help with relaxation and arousal control e.g. when you miss a shot controlled deep breaths can stop aggression and frustration.

- Gives you focus with awareness of your breath, this can help silence the distracions and inner doubts e.g. on a big point the mid can replay you missing the shot instead can control your mid and keep in the present moment.

- Relaxation to help with clear and quick decision making e.g. when in a long rally you get receive a fast shot some players will snatch and panic , instead of controlling what they see and making s decision to hit a defensive shot to buy some time.


- Relaxation of muscles espcially around the neck and face. 

- balanced physique, as we are domniate on one side sessions can help equal the msucle strength with functional movements

- co-ordination, learning to use more than one body limb helps with sing the kinetic chain efficiently

- create extreme tennis shapes, e.g. the splits for when going for a wide ball

- stamina with correct use of breathign and getting the most out of your lungs

- balancing the body, great for chaign direction adn loading for a shot


  • Downward dog / Upward dog - glutes, lats and hamstrings


  • Chair pose / Overhead Squat - great for lat & glute flexbility

  • Triangle pose - hip adductors and and hamstrings

  • warrior 2 - groin and glutes

  • Tree pose - improve balance !