Warm Ups - Start as you mean to go on

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Warm ups are an essential part of a session that require coaches / teachers to make it exciting and challenging , boring warm ups will lose the crowd / athlete and may drop off or lead to a disruptive session. Warm ups need to be challenging to the player and proggresively prepare them for a physical session, failure to do then players will not be able to perforrm at their best,

Key principles

- Proggressive - simple to complex movements, increase intensity

- Individualised to the player / group to meet their demands i.e. and injuries and what they want to work on

- Specific - agree the goals and then stick to the theme of the session from the start

- Variety - keep players guessing try new warm ups to challenge yourself

- Exciting - It must be challneging and / exciting otherwise to get a athlete to reach their potential

- Interactive - get players to control the drills, whats your favourite wamr up? who does it feel ? ready to move on ?

Key Aspects to a Physical Warm Up 

R - Raise the the heart rate and body temperature

A - activate the major muscle groups

M - mobilise to get joints going through the full range of motion

P - Potentiate with faster dynmic exercises liek low level plometric exercises

Preparing for Match V preparing for a training session

It is important to understand that preapring for on competion day may last for an hour with a phscial warm up without the ball then gogin into hitting to get your timing in and get used to the courts. A usual club league match players should be warming up off court then going into ...

- service box rallies (crosscourt for doubles so it is specific) build to full length of the court

- Build the racket head speed . Starting at 50% in the boxes building to 90%.  Build up to 10% increase every 1 minute

- Practice hitting in different directions i.e. cross court down the line. 3 cross / 1 down the line is a good pattern.

- Practice all game situations, serve / return, volleys and baseline shots. The most under practised shot I wuld say is return of serve. Get you partner to hit the serve and then return deep

For a training session espcially for youths they need to be specific to waht you are training i.e. no there is no pount warming serves up before a volley session. A few pointers for coaches and players to have a good warm up before a training session...

- Follow the ramp warm up, make it fun for kids and straight to the point for adults 

- Have a game e.g. tig or reaction catches with 2 balls, to excite the player and work on reactions.

- Variety !!!!!! For me every warm up is differernt to keep players guessing. Yes there are some repeats and routine is good but players variety is exciting.

- Set some goals before the session e.g. what do you want to work on today ? This can help you with a specific warm 

- Specific warm up i.e. warm up with over arm throws if doing a serve session.

- Observe - hitting drills should be specific to want you will be working on. i.e. hit cross court shots to observe the forehand, before picking apart it biomechanics from memory !