Improve your Doubles with 2 players

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So for some doubles is a religion and singles is seen as evil as there is more running to do. Singles however can get you fit, you  hit more balls in the same amount of time, improve your accuray and challenge your tactical play.

Here are some drills to help you imporve your doubles through Tier restrictions.


Cross Court Depth Challenge

  • Rally deep crosscourt shots (no drop shots allowed) and see how many you can hit crosscourt between the baseline and service line.
  • Advanced players aim for balls to rise through the baseline
  • Check that you shot was succesful and see if you opponent is behinf the baseline

Hit the trams

  • Great drill to keep it away from the opponents partner at the net.
  • Rally crosscourt and aim for the tram lines and count how many you can do in 2minutes or play it as a competition.
  • For wide angles rally from 3/4 court and aim only in the trams from the net to 3/4 court , see if you can get your partner out of the court and out of position


Approach Shot Practice 

  • It is important to practice attacking short balls and approaching the net.
  • It is the inbetween shot from baseline to net. To help the tranisition  get you partner to feed a short cross court ball and then move forward and hit a deep cross court shot and follow it up with a volley. Ensure to move forward on each shot and recover to the middle (unless a high ball that you need to retrieve)

Opponent Attacking

  • Reverse the drill from aboveyou so get to practice when a opponent is approaching.
  • Practice hitting down at your partners feet, hitting wide low balls and lobs.
  • A variation is to rally crosscourt and any weak balls in the service box then the player has to approach the net
  • Play first to 10 on each side then feed in for you parter

First Volley Challenge

Starting from the service line feed the ball in deep cross court to the baseline player and move forward to play the volley. Encourage your partner to hit the first baseline shot down at you feet and then continue to move forward to reduce the angles.

Reflex Volley

  • From the centre line with you partner hit the ball down the middle at each other with only volleys. After each shot move forwards to challenge your reactions. There are no wide balls allowed and only body balls. You really learn who your freinds are with this one! 
  • Try going cross court and playing points deciding if not a body ball
  • For power on the volley, rally from 3/4 with only volleys great for serve and volley and seniors that don't move as quick as they used to the net

Bryan Brothers Drill

  • Absolute classic drill for any doubles enthusiast.
  • Each player starts from opposite tram lines then they rally volley to volley at the same time they both move across the court to the opposite tram line whilst not letting the ball bounce. Try and get back to the start. 


Serve Accuracy

  • Have 6 target areas of cones. 3 on the Deuce side - Wide/ Body/Centre and repeat and 3 the same on the ad side
  • Have your partner returning them 
  • Hit 5 balls at each target area. 
  • Have the same take back and throw for each serve.
  • Play cross points with serve , the serve must shout where they are serving to for each point

Serve & Volley

  • Cross court points with serve and return but the server muts serve and voley on the first serve . 
  • Second serve players can stay back
  • Variation is to play normal points but you get double points for a serve points

Return Reaction

  • Parnter serves a body serve from the baseline then after each serve takes a step forward for the next werve until they get too close.
  • Returner needs to get low and watch the ball toss,  then shorten the take back for faster serves