Adult & Junior Membership

St Neots Tennis Club offers several categories of membership suitable for adults & juniors of all levels whether you are an experienced club player or a complete beginner having never played before. 

Our membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March. You can join at any point throughout the year and the price will be pro rated accordingly. 
Further to the categories below we do offer Family Memberships and Couples Memberships.

Full Adult Membership

Full members have access to all social clubnights, League matches , club tournaments and our organised internal autumn and spring leagues ( please see social page for details ) as well as booking courts and attending coaching sessions / 1-1 lessons. 

New joining members will be asked to attend a Saturday Starter session or in some cases a Clubnight so your standard can be assessed and we can point you towards the best membership category for you. 

Adult Starter / Rusty Racket Membership

Adults Starter / Rusty Racket membership whilst cheaper , does not allow you to play in the events stated in full membership above, but you can still use the club facilities , book courts and gain access to our free group coaching on Saturday Mornings and of course other coaching sessions / 1-1 lessons if you wish. The idea being that with coaching and practice , players will be able to progress to full membership.

This is a great way to introduce new players to the game as well as reintroduce players who havnt played for a number of years. 
Even if you have never picked up a racket before , this is a great way to take up the sport. 

Once the coaching team feel you are of a suitable level to progress to full membership , members will be notified and asked to pay an apportioned upgrade fee for the remainder of the year. This means you will then be able to benefit from all of the above mentioned in the full members category. However it would mean you can no longer attend the free coaching on Saturday mornings. 

Note: Memberships are based on the ability of the player, not how they choose to use the club. 

If you have any questions or would like a membership form please email :

Click here to download our Adult Membership Form 2024/25 or Junior Membership Form 2024/25


Junior Membership

Under 12s

Junior Membership for Under 12s allows members to gain access to discounted coaching sessions. They are not allowed to play alone. 

12 & Over 

Once a Junior is Over the age of 12 they are allowed to play alone and book courts. Courts can be booked via either of the club coaches. 
At any stage in the Over 12s Membership the coaching team may decide to give Adult Playing rights to a player. This means the coaching team feel the player is at a standard to be able to play in with adults and receive all the benefits of full adult membership. 

Over 12s still benefit from discounted coaching sessions at the club.