COVID-19 Club Policies

OUTSIDE: There are no limits to the  number of  people  attending to play tennis or spectate. We just ask that people try and remain socially distanced whist chatting so as to respect other who still may be shielding close contact. Maintain hand hygene. 

OPEN DAY:  An alternative system is in place to welcome prospective new members to join us on court. Contact any of our Committee Members. Claire, the Membership Secretary can be texted or called outside school hours please on 07577040409. Essentially for these open day visists,  we have some club run social sessions where a committee member is present that people might like to attend and members may add a guest to their booking if a committee member is available on site at the same time.

LANDLORD'S INSURANCE: For private games, members must book a court on ClubSpark before playing ; NO GUESTS please on private bookings unless previously arranged with a committee member as an 'OPEN DAY' visit. A committeemember will need to be on site at the time of play.

INSIDE: Limit of ONE PERSON AT A TIME to access the partially open clubhouse for the toilet, first aid, water bottle refills and floodlights and social tennis balls.  

MATCH, COACHING  & Maintenance EXEMPTION INSIDE: The taped-off mens locker room can be accessed by the match captains, coaches and maintenance as needed. The taped-off main room can be access by players tempoorarily sheltering from adverse weather conditions. In the cas of temporary shelter good ventilation must be maintained - the main door should remain wide open and the windows in the main room will need opening too. If practicable please wear a facemeask.