Update relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The following applies from Monday 1st June 2020.

We are pleased to say that sngles and doubles with different households can take place outdoors from Monday 1st June. Please read the following important information carefully.

You can see the latest LTA Guidelines here and please note these key points:

  • both singles and doubles are allowed with players from different households
  • adhere to 2m distance
  • please do not play if you or a household member has symptoms of Covid19 or is socially isolating
  • If you develop symptoms after play please follow the Government’s ‘test and trace’ guidelines, which can be read on the Gov.uk website
  • use your own balls & equipment
  • wash hands or use your own hand gel before and after play and wipe down court keys when you hang them up

You will be able to open the changing room door with your key card, but you do not require your PIN - this is to avoid anyone touching the key pad. It follows that with this temporary system, it is important you do not lose your key card, as anyone picking it up would be able to gain access to the changing room and hence the courts. Only one person to go in the changing room at any one time.  There will be disinfectant spray in the changing room for you to use; should you use the toilet or touch any other surface, please wipe down afterwards.  Soap and water are available in the changing room.

We ask that players use their own equipment, observe social distancing, and do not use the courts or changing room if they or anyone in their household has CV19 symptoms.  Do not use the club balls; each player should provide their own marked balls, and move the other players’ balls with their foot or racket.  Avoid changing ends if possible, or, if you decide to change ends, players to move around opposite ends of the net.

The benches are being put in the Pavilion for the time being, to remove one possible source of contamination; please do not use the coat hooks.  As we cannot easily remove the net winders, and leaving the nets up may stretch them, the winders will remain in place with the measuring stick available as usual. It would be good practice for players to spray or wipe these items before and after touching them.

Booking will be online as usual;  if someone is playing immediately before you, please don't go on court until the other players have left.  

Group coaching for up to 6 people (including coach) permitted. Please see the coaching page.

A Risk Assessment has been prepared, as per LTA guidelines, and this will be kept on file.