Tennis sessions postponed due to Coronavirus but courts open for private play with some coaching

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Dear Member

We hope you are managing to stay safe and well in this uncertain time. With such conflicting advice coming from multiple sources it is sometimes difficult to know what to do for the best. The committee has been discussing how to help people to stay safe and have reluctantly decided that for the time being the adult social mix-in sessions and the junior Saturday morning sessions can no longer be run by the club. The courts will remain available for all to book and play tennis and we would encourage you to keep playing if you wish providing you follow the guidance below:

1) wash hands before and after playing - the clubhouse will only be open for toilets, hand washing and the filling of water bottles
2) use new balls for each session
3) maintain your distance and don't shake hands
4) anybody with underlying health conditions SHOULD NOT participate
5) anyone feeling unwell or living with someone with the virus MUST NOT be at the club.
6) anyone feeling they are vulnerable due to age or general health SHOULD NOT be at the club.

Please note that the coaches will still be running their own sessions with some adaptations until further notice. Please contact your coach directly if you have any queries about your regular session. In light of the school closures Mike may well be putting on some weekday sessions for reduced numbers of juniors so please contact him if you are interested.