Electronic SLTC 2019 Survey

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Please take part in the electronic Swanmore Tennis Club 2019 Survey using the link below. It will only 2 minutes to complete.

This survey is about empowering all of us at the club to keep the things focussed and moving with the times. We want to hear from everyone: team players, juniors, parents, coaches, social members, mixins and box players.

There are just 2 questions on each of the 6 key areas:
- how IMPORTANT is it to you?
- how SATISFIED are you? 

Once we get a response across the whole demographic, we'll analyse the data and publish it for all members to see. There may be some immediate actions as a result of the survey.  

Help us to help you make SLTC an even better place to learn, play and watch tennis.

Please click here to complete the survey.
Your views are important to the SLTC committee.