Portsmouth ladies doubles competition report

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Yvonne and Katie represented Swanmore at an indoor ladies doubles tournament held at HMS Temeraire, Portsmouth on 1st December. The other teams were Portsmouth Navy 1st and 2nd Pair and Wrecklesham. They did well and thoroughly enjoyed the competitive round robin tennis. As Katie said, "It and an amazing experience and fantastic to represent Swanmore."

They did well in the round robin. The first match against Wrecclesham was tough as the ladies were much more experienced  but Yvonne and Katie fought hard and gave them a run for their money before losing  4-7.

Not deterred by the first loss, they worked hard and tactically to beat both Portsmouth Navy teams 7-3 and 7-0.

So time for a rematch against Wrecklesham in the play off for first or second place. At this point the tiredness was creeping in after three round robin matches (2 hours no break) and whilst they took the first game the rest of the match was like playing against a wall with no forgiveness and they lost 1-7 finishing as runners-up.

It turns out Wrecklesham ladies play in the Aldershot Premier league which explains a lot! Bith Yvonne and Katie said they had learnt a lot. Runner-up prizes consisted of LTA navy hand towels and £15 M&S vouchers each. 

Katie said, "It was a great experience and fantastic to play with Yvonne. We made a good team and I am very proud of us and how we played; and a big thank you to Chris Tisson for giving us the opportunity to play and represent Swanmore Tennis Club. I nearly forgot to say, we also had afternoon tea, lots of nice sandwiches, salted caramel brownies and fruit!