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Tennis for Kids is back bigger and better!

Free tennis lessons for 5-8 year olds

If you're looking for a great activity for your kids, look no further! More than 20,000 children have already signed up to this year’s Tennis for Kids with only limited places still available. Courses are run by specially trained Coaches and are perfect for kids brand new to tennis.

What can you expect?

  • A free 6 week course with a qualified coach
  • A free racket to use during the course and keep forever if you attend regularly
  • An opportunity for parents to get involved
  • An opportunity to keep playing at the venue after the course

Why your child should get involved...

From how to hold a racket to developing a rally, your kid will learn all the essentials that are key to falling in love with tennis.

From how to hold a racket to developing a rally, your kid will learn all the essentials that are key to get them falling in love with tennis.

But it's not only a great way to stay active; it’s a social sport that will help your child develop valuable life skills, such as respecting one another and being part of a team!

Most importantly, they'll be having fun and making new friends in a safe, relaxed environment!

Tennis for Kids parents...

"Great coach, great location and best of all FREE!"

"She found the sessions really fun, the coaches were great at making learning about tennis an enjoyable experience."

"It was his first ever tennis experience & now he wants to join regular classes."


Question & answers

Q Do I need a ClubSpark account to book onto a Tennis for Kids course?

A Yes. Once you have selected the course you wish to book your child or children onto, you will need to register for a ClubSpark account under your name (as the parent/ guardian). Please note: you must be over 16 years old to register. Alternatively, you can Sign In using your LTA Member log-in details. You will then need to add your child or children onto your account by selecting the ‘Add Player’ option.

Q Why is the course free?

A The LTA and the participating venues are paying for the cost of each 6 week course to give as many kids as possible a chance to try tennis.

Q Why are there age group recommendations on some courses?

A The age group listed is a recommended age bracket for the course in question. If your child doesn’t fall within the recommended age group, we would advise speaking to the coach to establish whether the course is suitable. If you agree that it is, the coach will be able to book your child onto their course for you or you will be able to book online.

QMy child is nearly 5 / has just turned 9, can they take part?

A This shouldn’t be a problem; we would advise speaking to the coach beforehand to check suitability of the course for your child. If your child is 4, you will be able to book onto a course online as we appreciate that they may be turning 5 by the time the course starts.

Q My child is already a member of a club, how can they get involved?

A This initiative is aimed at kids between the ages of 5-8 who are new to tennis. We would recommend speaking to the coach at your child’s existing club to find out what other coaching programmes are available.

Q When will my child get their free racket?

A A free racket will be available to use for the full duration of the course. After your child has attended 4 sessions, they will be able to take home and keep a special Tennis for Kids racket.

Q My child has special requirements, can this be supported?

A Of course; when booking onto a course there is a field where you can enter special requirements. You can also get in touch with the coach to ask them any questions you may have in advance of the course starting.

Q The course running at the venue closest to me is fully booked, what can I do?

A If there are no alternative venues near you with available spaces, we would advise booking a place on the course waiting list. You will have a choice of booking onto the waiting list for that course specifically or any course run by that provider (coach or venue). You will be given the opportunity to be contacted if other courses in your area become available. If a place becomes available, you will be notified by email of the course details and will have 48 hours to accept or decline the place for your child. You can book onto multiple course waiting lists but will only be able to accept a place on one course.

Q Will I be involved as a parent?

A Yes, we are very much encouraging involvement from parents and there will be an opportunity to get on court with your child during a session (or sessions). Please ask the coach for more details. If you want even more in on the fun, why not check out Tennis Xpress – an introductory course to tennis for adults! This year, all Tennis for Kids coaches have been given the option to run Tennis Xpress at their Venues, so search our website to see what’s available near you.

Q Are there any venues where I can play with my kids in addition to the course?

A Yes, absolutely. You may be able to play at the venue where your course is taking place so chat to the coach first. If the venue doesn’t work for your timings, there are plenty of free council park courts where you can play If you need a racket, check out whether you can borrow one from the coach first but if not Sports Direct or stock a very affordable range of rackets.

Q What happens after the course if I want my child to carry on playing?

A The venue you attend will have an offer available to help all kids involved to continue to play. We would recommend speaking to the coach who will be able to advise you further on this. If you still have questions on how your child can continue to play after the course, please don’t hesitate to give the LTA a call on 0208 487 7000.

Q My child can no longer attend the course I initially booked onto but can make another course, how do I change this?

A You will need to cancel your existing booking before you can book your child onto an alternative course. To do this, go to 'My account' and 'Your bookings' and click on the cancel the booking option for the course you can no longer make. Following this, visit the main course booking page and re-book your child onto a new course.

Q I’ve tried to book my child onto a second course but it won’t let me, why is this?

A A child is only able to attend one 6 week free Tennis for Kids course. We’d recommend getting in touch with the coach from the original course to ask about alternative coaching programmes or offers they can recommend.

Q My child attended a TFK course last year. Can I book them on again this year?

A Tennis For Kids is for children who are new to the sport. Whilst you will still be able to book your child on to a course, if demand is high, coaches can prioritise children who have not attended a course.

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