Tennis Parties

We’d love you to have your party with us. Here’s what you can arrange at our cafe and courts in Fordbridge Park ...

Food and Play Party
You’ll have a table and reserved area that you can decorate, for a two hour period. We'll then serve all the children with yummy food and drink (pizza, sandwiches, fruit, crisps and squash). After they've eaten, they can then charge around playing with our toys. This party costs £6.50 a child with a £15 facility fee. We can also supply a birthday cake or you can bring your own (but there will be a £10 "cakeage" fee).

Tennis Party 
We'll provide you with a tennis themed activity party on our courts. The session content will be adapted to suit the age and experience of the children and will be lots of fun. After they've had their excitement on court, it's food and drink in the cafe (as above). A tennis party costs £10 per child plus a £40 facility fee.

Coffee Shop Hire Party
You can hire our Coffee Shop and provide your own entertainment, unfortunatly no acholol. After the fun, it's food and drink in the cafe (as above). The Coffee Shop hire is £60 for 2 hours (which includes setting up and tidying time), this has to be outside of our normal Coffee Shop hours. Food and drink (as detailed in the Food and Play Party) is £6.50 a child.