Particularly with children, we take a holistic approach to tennis coaching and believe that on and off court elements of the game can help develop a range of personal traits including independence, problem solving, teamwork and self-discipline. 

Our core Tennis Squad value is RESPECT for:


  • Give 100% effort in every session
  • Remember that the club is proud of your efforts, not results

Your Fellow Players

  • Praise a good shot, support and encourage your teammates
  • Talk to others as you would like to be talked to yourself

Your Coaches

  • Follow instructions and raise your hand to ask a question
  • Be polite and thank the coach at the end of every session

Your Club

  • Coaches equipment/property should be left alone
  • Dispose of all litter into recycling and rubbish bins

The Game

  • Follow the rules
  • Always strive to improve

Various tools are in place to reinforce these positive messages including a 'Star of the Week' award at Mini Tennis sessions, Junior Reward Parties for outstanding behaviour, Values Ambassadors/Captains and 'Player of the Month' awards for commitment on the match court.

Poor behaviour follows a card system with the following system in place - which we very rarely need to even mention!

  • Indicent 1: Warning from the coach/official.
  • Incident 2: Yellow Card - take a break from the session.
  • Incident 3: Red Card - sit it out the session and parents informed.

Our Values initiative is underpinned by the Codes of Conduct for Juniors, Parents and Coaches which are available to view on our Policies Page, with member clubs also operating codes of conduct at sign-up.