We run a range of events to help attract players to the game and then help them grow their love of tennis as they manoeuvre from coaching to the match court: 

Examples include: 

  • Open Days - free opportunities to try tennis with your friends and family.
  • Team Challenge Festivals - recreational competion with a focus on fun over results!
  • Family Cup - drag mum or dad along to work on your doubles skills! 

Our club-specific events are marketed through each venue's web channels but you'll find any wider South Wales activities listed at the bottom of this page.

Ready for more formal Competition? Check out our tournament programmes

All Tennis Squad events are run in-line with our safeguarding policies.

26 Aug

Team Challenge

Team Challenge provides a local, fun, team competition option for recreational players of all ages and genders. All events take place within a short time period with the event organiser in charge of deciding on the age group, team size and format on the day. The emphasis is on a fun, exciting competition experience.

  • 10am - 3pm
  • Thu, 26 Aug 2021