Jnr Team Challenge 2: 3rd August

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After the success of Jnr Team Challenge 1 in March, we are now running this as a quarterly event for players at  all Tennis Squad venues. 

Our next event runnig Saturday 3rd August at Penarth Windsor will involve teams of 2 competing in both singles and doubles matches against teams from their own and other clubs. 

Sessions will run as follows: 

  • 1pm for Mini Red and Orange
  • 3pm for Mini Green and Yellow ball players.

After the tennis there will be a small presentation with certificates for all participants. 

There is NO COST to enter these events, we run them as volunteers as a thankyou for your commitment through the year and to encourage juniors to compete. The only entry requirements are:

  1. You are a member of a Tennis Squad club (guest clubs may be invited on occasion)
  2. You can serve, rally & score. 
  3. You have a British Tennis Rating (free with your club membership:
  4. You arent in any County Training, are not Mini Rated 1/2 or Yellow Rated 8.2+. If these apply to you, please ask about other more suitable events. 

So, find a friend of the same ball type (please ask a coach for recomendations if needed) and ENTER ONLINE!