Tennis Squad Online

Tennis Squad Online is our new video service from the coaching team, designed to keep in contact with our members during coronavirus distancing, and to continue providing added value even when we resume our on-court activities:

Members will be able to take advantage of both free and paid-for services that are designed to suit a range of tennis backgrounds / requirements: 


We'll be updating our internal coaching updates Facebook groups with free videos on a weekly basis. If you're a member / regular player with us, make sure you sign up online for your club group via our Contact page for content including 

  • Play-at-home games from the LTA Youth programme 
  • Fitness challenges and Skills for Kids from the TS Team. 

VIP Content

A subscription-based 'VIP' channel will also run for full court players to access content that will make a genuine improvement in their understanding of both tecnique and tactics. Via both a VIP Facebook group and a weekly newsletter, you can expect. 

  • 3 x videos a week from the coaches covering a range of skill aquisition to work on at home. 
  • Comparison with the pro's, what you can include in your game and what you shouldnt!
  • Decipering the vast range of content from specialist online providers

Register your interest here and we will send you fee details along with Facebook / Newsltter sign up links.