The Tennis Hub Academy Programme has a vision to provide a clear and open pathway to develop junior tennis players in Jersey. Our aim is to create an identity for ambitious young tennis players and develop a culture based on focus and hard work.

The Academy has been established as a first port of call for players who wish to play tennis regularly, with like-minded, focused, ambitious players who have aspirations to represent Jersey, play for the Channel Islands or even play at Wimbledon one day. “The world is your oyster”.

The Academy Programme believes in a “Team” environment, where all players can train alongside each other, whilst pushing and pulling each other along.

Within our team environment, the individual development of each player is at the forefront. No player is placed above or below another and the only hierarchy is one based on merit.

Our coaching approach is based on four foundations.

  • Teaching in a learner-centred way.
  • Using a holistic approach to develop players.
  • Teach tennis as an “Open” skill sport.
  • Adopting a Game-Based approach to training.

Within the training delivery we focus on the player’s individual game development goals. The Tennis Hub philosophy of developing “performers” (Head, Heart and Legs) who play smart with effective strokes is integral in our coaching approach. We believe we have 3 main roles: to inform (provide knowledge), to mould (develop competencies), and to transform (beliefs, values and attitudes).

Our coaching team have coached and competed in tennis as well as other sports to county and national level. We aim to lead by example and use our experience to guide our players and parents, while setting, achieving and maintaining high standards.


  • We provide a planned, quality training programme.
  • We have a dedicated S&C coach who will create the opportunity for tennis players to reach their full physical potential.
  • We are dedicated to building strong relationships between players, parents and coaches.
  • We will take an active role in helping players set relevant challenging goals.
  • We shall help players and parents devise an appropriate competition schedule.
  • Termly player progress reports.
  • Video Match analysis each term.
  • 3 Team trips (1 day or weekend trips with the possibility of a 7-10 day trip to France in the summer for 11 year olds and above) per year to play and compete in France and the UK. EXTRA COST FOR TRIPS.
  • Included individual lessons as part of package
  •  Membership at The Tennis Hub inclusive.
  • Free Tennis Hub Academy t-shirt.

To help our players fulfil their full potential we believe “consistency” is key. This includes: -

  • Attendance in training.
  • Application (Performers)
  • Participation in competitions/matches
  • Communication between player, parent and coach.
  • Focus on the long-term process over the short-term results.

We are aware of the importance (especially on a small island) to give players the chance to compete off island. We are dedicated to give players this opportunity through team trips to tournaments and club matches in France and the UK.

At the Tennis Hub, we are committed to providing a fun, enjoyable and challenging experience at all stages of the tennis journey. We are passionate about growing the game and our tennis in the local community. To nurture and help players realise their full potential. This aspirational pathway allows hard working and ambitious individuals the chance to train alongside one another with a common goal and prepare them with quality life skills, while playing a sport they love.