Drills and activities to help your tennis

This coronavirus (I can't bear to give it a capital letter!) is a wretched affair. It's affecting all of our lives and we need to all take action together in order to beat it. We're all staying at home mostly, only leaving the house for critical work or to replenish supplies.

If like me, you and your children are missing your tennis, you'll be wanting them to practise at home, so we've been busy creating some fun drills and activities for you to practise at home.

It's early days and we've only just started, but we've launched our Time To Play Tennis YouTube channel, and we're uploading new videos every day for you to practise at home.

Check out our channel of drills and activities for:

Would you like to create a video of a tennis skill you've learnt? Or perhaps you'd like to share a video of yourself trying out some of our drills and activities. Send your videos to us and we'll upload them for others to see!