We're Bouncing Back...

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We're bouncing back...

Tennis has been one of the first sports able to be resumed after the Lockdown. As we play outdoors and have no physical contact with other players, it is the ideal sport to get active again. We are following a strict set of rules and safety guidelines, respecting social distancing as well as a few other safety precautions.

We have initiated our Bounce Back tennis coaching programme for our public, outdoor lessons and have adopted a staged approach:

  • Stage 0 - Total Lockdown - no tennis
  • Stage 1 - a restricted 1-2-1 coaching programme
  • Stage 2 - a resticted Pairs Programme
  • Stage 3 - a restriced Quad Squad Programme
  • Stage 4 - normal group lessons

We are now in Stage 2, and if nothing changes in the LTA and Government guidelines, we will move to Stage 3 in mid-June.

Our lessons in schools, nureseries and pre-schools are still suspended until further notice, but we hope to resume mid to late June.

We are following strict and stringent safety guidelines set in collaboration with the LTA who have stressed that all protocols must be followed in order to keep everyone safe. At anytime, we may have to regress to a previous stage. 

We are only planning one week in advance at a time at the moment and will continue to follow all Government guidelines.

You can see our coaching schedule and read our safety protocols on our coaching schedule page.

Keep up to date with the daily messages from the LTA.