Court Timetable and Availability

Court Timetable and Availability

At Walton Tennis Club we don't allow court bookings, but there are times when courts are reserved for specific club events, activities or coaching sessions. You can see club mix-in times (when all four courts are set aside and members can turn up and mix in with others) listed below, as well as other court useage which may reduce availability.

The court timetable shown below is available to dowload here.

You should also check the team fixtures as home matches will affect court availability, as well as coaching times and club events.

Note that during the summer season, Saturday's junior coaching shares court time with our Rusty Racquets sessions. See here for details.

Club Mix-In Sessions

  • MONDAY 7 -10 PM Mixed
  • TUESDAY 7 -10 PM Men (*In winter this is a team coaching session)
  • WEDNESDAY 9.30 – 11.30 AM Mixed
  • WEDNESDAY 7 -10 PM Ladies (*In winter this is a team coaching session)
  • THURSDAY 7 -10 PM Mixed (all year)
  • FRIDAY 9.30 – 11.30 AM Mixed
  • FRIDAY 4.30 -6.00 PM Juniors Mix-in (open to Members and Non-Members @£2 ea)
  • SATURDAY 2.00 – 4.00 PM (2 courts only)
  • SUNDAY 11AM -1 PM Mixed
  • SUNDAY 12.30 - 2 PM Absolute Beginners

* Opportunities for match practice for team members and aspiring team players.

Reduced Court Availability

Whilst all members are still welcome to use the courts if available, please be aware that at the following times there may be reduced court availability due to the  following uses.

  • MONDAY 3.30 - 6 PM Berkswich Primary School Members
  • TUESDAY 3.30 - 5 PM Berkswich Primary School Members
  • WEDNESDAY 3.30 - 5 PM Berkswich Primary School Members
  • THURSDAY 10 AM - 12.30 PM Walton High School P.E. Session
  • THURSDAY 1.30 - 3.15 PM Berkswich Primary School P.E. Session
  • THURSDAY 3.15 - 5 PM Berkswich Primary School Members
  • FRIDAY 3.30 - 4.30 PM Berkswich Primary School Members
  • SATURDAY 1 - 2 PM and 4 - 6 PM Berkswich Primary School Members
  • SUNDAY 2 - 6 PM Berkswich Primary School Members

Members can play at all other times (up to the 10pm curfew) on a first come, first served basis. Booking is not necessary, although please respect the '8 game' rule and vacate the courts after 8 games if other members are waiting (or after 30 minutes if not playing games). Chris Proud also has priority on court 4 for coaching.

The club bar is open on Tuesday and Thursday mix in sessions and our Coach, Chris Proud is there on a Thursday night to arrange games and welcome new players.

Baseline Tennis

Club members are fortunate to have an arrangement, during winter months, with Baseline Tennis (Stafford Sports College, Rising Brook), which is a first class indoor tennis facility in Stafford . We have exclusive use of courts on Friday nights, when we also run occasional informal tournaments. The sessions start in October with a fee payable on the evening. More details will be posted in the news section at the time.