This programme is perfect for:

  - Private or semi-private lessons.

  - Team practice.

  - Birthday parties.

- Gift vouchers (birthday, Christmas, Valentine's day, etc.)

  - Special events.

  - Team building activities.

  - Or basically anything you want… it is customised! Just tell us what you are looking for:

       · Number of players.

       · Day and time.

       · Coach.

       · Main goal: technique, tactics, fitness/cardio tennis, mental/game play, social/fun. You can choose more than one. No problem if you are not sure.

       · Do you need any racquets? (for free!)





  - Agree with the terms and conditions:

       · Payment in advance.

       · Cancellation and refund available unless coach has already gone to the Club.





  - No commitment in a long-term, unless you want to.

  - Wide range of options and prices to choose from.

  - Pack discounts.

  - You can borrow our spare racquets.





Although it depends on many different factors and the best thing you can do is ask for your specific case, HERE you can get an idea of what our prices are.