West Heaton Bowling, Tennis and Squash Club Court Reservations during distancing restrictions


This mini-booking site is for West Heaton members only. Due to restrictions on playing sports during the current outbreak West Heaton have implemented a court reservation proceedure.

Please read the important information below. Then click on the tabs above (or the 'more' icon top right on mobile) to access the How to Guide and to book a court.

If you have any queries, or experience a problem using this website, please contact the club directly by email: [email protected]

The LTA  guidance from 14th September

Please read all this information as it contains important information to keep everyone safe while continuing to play tennis.

Restrictions on group numbers vary depending on if the activity is informal social play or organised group activity:

  • All courts must be pre-booked so we have a record of use for Test & Trace, if needed.
  • For informal social play, group size is limited to a maximum of six people by law. This means you can play tennis providing people only meet up with no more than 5 other people from different households and observe social distancing guidelines
  • People should not go to a tennis venue socially in groups of more than six
  •  Organised tennis activity for larger groups, including coached sessions, club nights and competitions is permitted by the Government as an exception to the limit of six, and so can continue, provided that venues, coaching providers and event organisers follow LTA COVID-19 secure guidelines 
  • Supporters, parents, and other spectators should remain socially distanced whilst attending events. Spectator groups must be restricted to discrete six person gathering limits and spread out, in line with wider government advice.  

We ask you all to observe this guidance and to observe social distancing after you have played. Our outdoor seating has been set up to allow groups of up to six. All spectators must sign in on the sheets under the awning. We have to keep a record of all people on site in the last 21 days as part of the government Test & Trace system. 

You can read the full LTA Guidance for Players by following this link: https://www.lta.org.uk/globalassets/news/2020/lta-guidance-for-tennis-players---covid-19.pdf


Current Court Reservation Restrictions

Please note, as we roll out our reservation system we are enforcing system rules on allowances:

  1. Each tennis member will be limited to two reservations in an 7 day period

    If you try to book more than your allowance, the system will tell you - it will not show a confirmation page, nor will you recieve a confirmation email.

    If you use up your allowance, the next earliest time you can book will be exactly a week after (ie. the same day a week ahead) of your penultimate booking​​​.

    For example: If you book Saturday and Monday, the next time you can book will be the following Saturday.

    Please note: Your past bookings will not be shown in your list of bookings, but they DO count toward the 2 in 7 day limit. Please make a note of your own bookings so that you can work out when you will next be able to book.
  2. Each reservation can be up to 1hr 30 in total (in increments of 30mins)
  3. Members can only reserve courts up to 7 days in advance
  4. Courts will be reserved for coaches where necessary, these bookings will be clearly marked on the calendar
  5. Courts can be booked between 7.30am and 10.00pm
  6. Toilets are available during bar opening times and the disabled toilet is available when coaches are on site
  7. Please try not to leave 30mins gaps in the bookings. Where this occurs you may be contacted and asked if you can change your time to fit in other bookings

Note: There may be occassions when the session immediately after yours has not been reserved - if this is the case, and you wish to play for longer, you may continue to play on the court provided that you first check the reservation calendar to confirm it has not been booked.

Ongoing Safe Play Guidance and Etiquette

  1. Please do not play without pre-booking a court. At the start of your session, please allow the previous players to leave before going on court. You should wait away from the gates, on the patio (for Courts 1,2,4,5&6) or in the carpark (for Court 3) so as to maintain a 2m distance
  2. Please do not to congregate on or around the court before and after play
  3. You should not come to the club socially in groups of more than six unless you are attending organised social tennis (Wednesday evening & Sunday afternoon), a coached session or a club tournament or match.
  4. You should limit your interaction with players on another court or in a different coaching group
  5. Please bring your own water and take any bottles away with you
  6. Hand sanitiser is available near the entrances to the courts and should be used before & after play plus after touching any court gates, water taps, fences, benches, etc. Spray and disposable gloves for cleaning gate handles etc., if necessary, is available under the awning.
  7. Leave all gates to courts open
  8. Do not adjust net heights
  9. Use your own equipment where possible. Equipment such as rackets can be shared, but where this happens ensure thorough cleaning before and after use. Players should not share items such as towels
  10. Players do not now need to use their own clearly marked tennis balls – however, if you choose to use shared balls then extra care must be taken to ensure you do not touch your face during play, and you should clean your hands before play and immediately after finishing (use alcohol gel if required). Please take all used balls off the courts.
  11. If you need to send a ball back to another court, use your foot, or racket
  12. You should not shake hands, touch elbows etc. at the end of a game.
  13. Maintain the 2 metre social distancing rule at all times, if possible, both on and off court. For doubles, consider agreeing in advance which player will take the shot if a ball travels to the centre of the court
  14. Please do not chase down a ball if it means you have to stray on to the adjacent court
  15. Follow public health guidelines regarding hygiene
  16. Do not play if you are self-isolating or feeling unwell. If you have played and then develop symptoms of COVID-19, please follow the Government’s ‘test and trace’ guidelines, which can be read on the Gov.uk website



You can find the latest information about what our coaches can offer by visiting the Coach Sessions page.

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