Junior coaching is more than just tennis

Why Choose Writtle Academy?

Tennis is a great game to help your child socialise and develop an all-round athletic ability. We offer a wide range of junior coaching at the Academy for all ages and abilities.

Our programme consists of both individual and group coaching run by our award winning  LTA Accredited+ coach. Our groups contain a maximum of 6 children per coaching assistant and are fun and engaging.

We use various methods to encourage a long lasting interest in tennis and to develop each individuals athletic ability with elements of movement, racket control, tactics and technique in all of our lessons.

If you are a complete beginner or an advanced competitive player we can offer a wide range of good quality coaching for your individual needs.

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look at our group coaching program and let us know if you would like to book on to a session, download our app or contact us to find out individual lesson availability.

  Writtle Tennis Club  
Mon 4-5pm Blue under 6
Mon 4-5 pm Red under 8
Mon 5-6pm Orange under 10
Mon 5-6pm Green under 11
Mon 6-7pm Yellow under 18
Wed 4-5pm Blue under 6
Wed 4-5pm Red under 8
Wed 5-6pm Orange under 10
Wed 5-6pm  Green under 11
Wed 6-7pm Yellow under 18
Thurs 4-5pm Blue under 6
Thurs 4-5pm Red under 8
Thurs 5-6pm Orange under 9
Thurs 5-6pm Green under 11
Thurs 6-7pm Girls only under 18
Sat 9-10 Blue under 6
Sat 9-10 Red under 8
Sat 10-11 Orange green and yellow under 14
  Pleshey Tennis Club  
Tues 430-530 red and under 7
Tues 530-630 Orange Green and Yellow under 15