Club Contacts

We are always on the lookout for new contributors who are passionate about supporting the Club going forward - if you are interested in joining the committee, or in any other Club Role, please get in touch - [email protected].


The Club's Committee are those charged with running the club on behalf of its members.

Committee Role Name Contact Information

Chair (Officer)

Comms & Marketing Lead

Social Media & Website Lead

Edd Price

07463 956482

[email protected]


Vice-Chair (Officer)

Steve Batt


[email protected]


Treasurer (Officer)

Sharon Goodey



Committee Member

Tom Key

07867 528648

t[email protected]

Secretary (Officer)

Ballot Administrator

Laurence Cox

07976 572429

l[email protected]

Committee Member


Sophie Jackson

07909 995061

[email protected]

Health & Safety Lead

Welfare Lead

Hilary Morgan

07779 098053

[email protected]

Club Head Coach

WTA Representative

Andy Wilshaw

07983 523613

[email protected]

Committee Member

Wendy Hibbitt

07896 182396

[email protected]

Committee Member

Victoria Olley


[email protected]



Other Club Contributors

Although preferred, not all Club roles are performed by the Club's committee, and we welcome contributors in any capacity:

Club Role Name Contact

Membership Secretary


Josh Foster

07920 185060

[email protected]


Club Captain

Fixtures Secretary

George Sabiniak

07923 513654

[email protected]

Junior Tennis Lead

Parent Representative


Neil Weston-Stokes


07961 396867


For details of all the Club's individual team captains please click here.