Play Singles at Writtle Tennis Club

Writtle Tennis Club have partnered with Local Tennis Leagues (LTL) to offer members friendly, local and competitive singles tennis for adults of all standards!

If you would you like to play more singles or are looking for new people to play, the Chelmsford Tennis League is a great way to play friendly, competitive tennis and improve your game. All members can play their LTL matches at the club free of charge!

Through LTL players are organised into groups of a similar level and arrange their own matches at a mutually convenient time over 8 weeks. Any tennis court that suits both players can be used.

Every player who completes 3 matches by the half way mark is sent a FREE can of tennis balls and there is a prize for the winner of each group.

WATCH: See what happened when Greg Rusedski joined Local Tennis Leagues!

Local Tennis Leagues is open to men and women (aged 18+) of all standards... everyone is welcome.

Click here to see details of the upcoming round and join other players in Chelmsford to get a great match, when it suits you. See you on court!

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