Wychwoods Tennis Club has 2 Ladies Teams.


Team Captains:

A team - Rachel Henderson (winter) | Hisae Hollingsworth (summer)

B team - Bev Sedgwick


Team Reports: Summer 2019


The start of the Ladies A team summer league was a chaotic home match with an inexperienced captain (that's me!). However, I didn’t need to worry as everyone was so helpful. A huge thank you to Karen for her advice in selecting and planning for B team players to cover when we lacked availability of A team players. Also, thanks to Rachel for her regular and supportive advice.

Congratulations to everyone involved. Amazingly we finished 3rd out of 8 teams in Division 3.  Rachel, Kate, Philippa, Ali BS, Caroline, Karen, Tracy, Rachel, Anita, Ali C, Clare, And Liz, thank you so much for playing, driving, chatting and preparing dishes for tea. We thoroughly enjoyed the company during the summer matches!! 

Hisae Hollingsworth

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Top of the Division!

Ladies B topped the summer Division 7 with 42 points, winning 5 of their 7 matches (mostly quite easily) and only losing to OHRC (on tricky indoor courts) and in a hard fought match away to  Woodstock.

9 players turned out to play over the summer so thank you to: Ali C, Alison P, Bev, Clare, Lara, Liz, Louise and Penny. Special mention must go to Clare who played every match, and to Clare, Bev and Alison P who took the top three places in the division player stats.

Looking ahead to next summer and Division 6 with great enthusiasm: Division 7 was our home for too long so it is good to wave her goodbye.

Karen Purvis

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