Wychwoods Tennis Club has 2 mixed teams.

Team Captains:

A team - Rachel Henderson

B team - Paul Miller


Team Reports: Summer 2019


We embarked on our aim of remaining in Division 3 and we surpassed our expectations! 

Getting off to a flying start at North Oxford was a real confidence boost and our unbeaten run began from there and remained throughout the entire season. 

There was one very memorable hot match in July at Faringdon where Philippa, Russ, Mark S and I nearly melted...quite literally! We were just pleased to get off the court and it made it all worthwhile to get a 6-2 win. 

A great team effort throughout the season, with 5 of our players in the top 20 in the player stats🙂

It was a tight finish, due to Banbury West End being scratched from our league, but we kept our top spot and managed to win our final match 8-0 to secure top of the league and to gain promotion to Division two next season. 

A huge thanks to all the players who represented the team: Mark Saunders, Giles Henderson, Russell Taylor, Dan Bizzarro, Mark Stratford, Simon Lyle, David Stott, Brad Payne, Philippa Payne, Hisae Hollingsworth, Kate Lister, Tracy Traynor and Caroline Watson. 

Rachel Henderson

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It was an odd season really. We struggled with away fixtures at times but our home results were so strong that for the third year in succession the Mixed B team was promoted – this time as runners-up in Division 6. As before the squad of 12 or so players were very reliable and committed and a pleasure to captain. Duncan and Beverley Sedgewick were superb in their support and commitment to the team but then all the squad was. We started the season with an evening practice and are ending with a celebration.  Looking forward to remaining as captain in summer 2020.  Participants Ali Chapman, Karen, Anita, Clare, Bev, Alison P, Rob W, Duncan, Paul M, Peter B and Andy M

Paul Miller

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