Junior Coaching

Enhance your child's tennis journey with ACE Tennis Coaching! Our meticulously crafted coaching program ensures optimal progression, tailored to meet your child's needs regardless of their current skill level.

Our comprehensive structure spans from introductory to advanced levels, providing a clear pathway for advancement in tennis proficiency. Within each age group, three distinct levels ensure that your child plays alongside peers of similar age and ability, fostering both sportsmanship and growth.

After each term, every player receives a personalised letter outlining their next level within the program, ensuring clarity and direction in their tennis development. Additionally, we offer parents the opportunity to engage directly with coaches for personalised feedback via email or phone calls, further enhancing the support network for your child's tennis journey.

In the future, our squads will continue to prioritize the development of fundamental tennis skills alongside crucial movement abilities such as agility, balance, and coordination.

Our focus remains on refining players' abilities in sending and receiving, while also emphasizing the acquisition of basic techniques. Beyond tennis-specific skills, our program instills transferable abilities applicable to a variety of sports, broadening the scope of athletic development for young athletes.

Stepping up within our program, Challenger squads mark the next level of development at our venues. Here, our focus intensifies on enhancing children's movement and coordination skills, vital for success in tennis and beyond.

In addition, we hone in on refining their technique and strategic understanding, empowering them to transition into competitive play with confidence and competence.

Welcome to the Grand Slam level, where we provide dedicated support for young athletes driven to excel in the highest echelons of the game.

Delivered by our esteemed performance coaching team, this stage epitomizes excitement and aspiration. Grand Slam sessions are exclusive, by invitation only, and demand a commitment of training twice a week along with active participation in regular competitions.

To further enhance individual growth, we strongly encourage participation in individual and/or small group private lessons. This personalized approach ensures each player receives the tailored attention necessary to reach their fullest potential on the court.








At ACE, our ethos is Person, Athlete, Player. These fundamental qualities define what it takes to excel as a tennis player:

Person: Respect, Honesty, Resilience, Patience, Adaptability, Gratitude, and Grit. Tennis nurtures these qualities in children, translating to benefits across various aspects of their lives.

Athlete: Tennis training hones eight key athletic attributes: Agility, Balance, Coordination, Speed, Strength, Power, Endurance, and Flexibility.

Player: Successful players exhibit intelligence, skill mastery, and efficiency in their game, prioritizing smart decision-making, technical proficiency, and effective strokes.