Coming from Edinburgh, cross the Forth Road Bridge, exit at J1 of the M90 and turn right under the M90, taking the signpost for Inverkeithing/Dalgety Bay. Follow this road past Dalgety Bay Rail Halt. Keep going straight on and follow the road into Aberdour.  Slow down as you pass the Woodside Garage and Woodside Hotel and then turn right into Park Lane (about 6 inches' clearance on each side so be careful), carry on until the lamp post (about 2 inches' clearance each side) and then straight on down to the clubhouse, where you should do a three-point turn at the bottom.  Let your passengers out, and then park hard up against the wall.  If this is not to your liking, you could park in the station car park (stay on the main road for another 200m and just after the bakery turn right as the road turns left and walk back).

Coming from anywhere in Fife you probably know the way but once you've arrived in Aberdour via the Quarry Road (B9157) or the Coast Road (A921) find your way to the Bakery and then, once past the Green Witch's shop, turn left into Park Lane and follow instructions above.


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