COVID19 - Club Closure

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Further to last week’s Committee decision to close the Clubhouse and the Courts I’m sorry to say that this will have to remain in place until Government policy officially changes.

There are no exceptions to this and we cannot be seen to encourage playing or break the Government instructions, and I realise how tough and frustrating this is for us all.


Specifically the Government specifically states under Premises to Close :


“Outdoor recreation,  Enclosed spaces in parks, including playgrounds, sports courts and pitches, and outdoor gyms or similar.  These premises and other venues must close as they involve prolonged close social contact, which increases the chances of infection spreading.”


Annual Subscriptions

We are currently figuring what the best approach to this is in terms of balancing what’s fair to those who have already paid, and those who are understandably hanging back, and what funds we need for the club. We will update you once we have an approach.


Take care of yourselves,


Nichol & the ATC Committee